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Women of Australia and their Health Things You Probably Didn’t Know

On the occasion of Women’s Health Week which is celebrated from 3rd to 7th September, we did a research on the Aussie Women and got to know many interesting facts.

Almost 51% of the total population in Australia constitutes women, and there has been an increase in the health cases where more number of older women are facing critical health problems than men. An approx. of 15,500 women were included in the list aged 18 years or more.

Women Health

Women of Australia and their Health Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Among all the survey respondents, 66% were mothers. While half of the mothers had two children. There are many other discoveries which we got to know with the survey, they are given as follows:

  1. Half of the total women who turned up for the Survey mentioned that they have a good or excellent health.
  2. One in four women couldn’t afford to pay a doc visit in case of emergencies.
  3. A shocking count of more than half of the women who turned up for the survey faced with anxiety trouble or depression.
  4. One in every five women had the difficulty in falling asleep and had a complaint of having less satisfying sleeping time.
  5. Another fact that came up, more than one women among two aged between 18-50 years didn’t have the time to attend doc’s place for health check-ups.
  6. A one-third woman aged 18-50 years admitted to the fact that they didn’t have time to prepare nutritious and healthy foods by themselves.
  7. More than half of the women considered themselves as obese or overweight. During the survey, one-third of the women asked for providing weight management tips and guidelines.
  8. One in every 5 women had questions and queries which they usually skipped asking or saying to their regular doctor.
  9. Last but not the least, it’s funny one yet a serious one. Due to the rise in the Internet usage, more than half of the women of the total enrolled used to Google or search the Internet for the first instance before inquiring with the physician.

With the help of these surveys, it makes it easy to understand the women’s health choices and psychology in a better way. This, in turn, helps with bringing out the right solutions. Do you belong or fall in any of the categories? What do you think about such health surveys? Write down your responses in the comment section below!

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